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  • Yoga Anatomy, Biomechanics, Muscle Control and Proprioception
    Helping You to Better Feel, Control,
    Understand and Experience Your Body

    Were anatomy looks at muscles and bones and how they connect, biomechanics looks at how those muscles and bones interact in a live body, in your body.

    Learning muscle control and proprioception, you can directly experience the biomechanical forces within your own body, and so gain an even better understanding of how your body works. You can experience your own anatomy.

    A-Z for Yoga Anatomy, Muscle Control and Proprioception

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  • Latest Anatomy Articles

    Rear view of pelvis and sacrum with SI joints indicated. Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

    SI Joint Stabilization, How to stabilize the SI Joints whether the sacrum is nutated or counter-nutated using the Multifidus, Pelvic floor muscles and lower band of the Transverse Abdominus.

    The arrow represents pressure acting on a synovial articular joint. The blue represents muscle activated tension in ligaments and tendons acting on the joint capsule. As pressure is increased (bigger arrow on right) ligament and tendon tension increases so that the joint capsule resists synovial fluid being pressed out from between the bones.

    Hydrostatic Lubrication of Articular Joints
    Reducing wear so that your joints function better and last longer

    IT Band with Tensor Fascia Latae attaching from ASIC to forward edge of IT Band and Gluteus maximus attaching from PSIS to the back edge.

    controlling tension in the IT Band
    (How it helps to stabilize the Hip)

    Levator costarum reaching downwards and outwards from transverse vertebral processes to the ribs one and two levels below.

    Levator Costarum
    (Lifting the back ribs to improve ribcage awareness and control)

    A-Z for
    Yoga Anatomy, Muscle Control and Proprioception

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    It supports the back of the torso in Twisting actions.

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