Simple Hip Control Exercises

Yoga for Beginners 2 ebook, Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.
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This set of videos focuses on two particular sets of techniques for improving hip control.

The focus in this set of videos is improving hip control when forward bending and back bending the hip.

These same exercises can also be used to help stabilize the hips and pelvis.

  • The first set of exercises develops some control of the deep muscles of the hip and can be used to help stabilize the hip joint and pelvis.
  • The second set of exercises uses the same set of pelvic landmarks but instead helps you to activate the hip flexors and hip extensors.
You can then use them to help improve hip extension and hip flexion where the pelvis moves relative to the leg.

You'll learn how to use these muscles to increase the forward or backward tilt of your pelvis relative to your legs.

Modifications are Included

The exercises are demonstrated using props (chairs, yoga blocks, walls) so that if you are less flexible you can easily see what you have to do to do the exercises effectively. For more flexible practitioners, you can do the poses without props or use the props to progressively change the poses.

Tools for Becoming an Even Better Teacher

For yoga teachers, these videos are a great tool because you can learn to feel particular hip muscle activations in your own body and that makes it easier to recognize when your students are doing the muscle activations also.

Part 1 is about thirty minutes of video in 8 parts, each focusing on a particular exercise.

Part 2 is slightly longer (10 parts) and has a different focus, creating tension around the hip joint.

Controlling Tension

Without going into detailed anatomy, the hip tension you learn to create in part 2 is the result of deeper hip muscle activation which in turn makes it easier to activate other leg muscles.

Generally, these activations improve hip stability and/or pelvic stability (Si joint stability) making hip stretching and strengthening yoga poses like triangle, standing forward bend, chair pose, lounge, half side splits and front splits more comfortable and possibly more effective with respect to strengthening and improving flexibility.

Video Format

The videos are streamable or downloadable and are 1080 x 720 High resolution.

The videos are relatively short and to the point, with the intent of giving you the necessary information so that you can get on with feeling and learning to control your own body.

A Routine or a Set of Exercises To Help You Learn Better Hip Control

The exercises could be used as a routine though the intent is less about giving you a routine and more about helping you to feel and control your hips and pelvis so that you can use that awareness and control to explore your body while doing yoga poses (and other activities.)

A Complement to Muscle Control

The exercises in this video could be considered a compliment to those in the muscle control ebook and video program.

Where the focus in that program is on moving the legs, this video focuses on control of the pelvis.

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