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 Smart yogi proprioceptive elements: Simple exercises for de stressing and improving body awareness that you can do anywhere. Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

Smart yogi proprioceptive elements

Simple exercises for de-stressing and improving body awareness that you can do anywhere
Published: 2020 01 11

Want to start exercising but not sure where to start? Smart yogi proprioceptive elements is a set of simple exercises that help you learn to feel your body and to feel your muscles. You don't need a gym to do these exercises, all you need are moments at a time, and some space to stand.

If you are stressed, Smart yogi proprioceptive elements offers a simple way to destress. Most breathing exercises help you to destress by focusing on feeling (and controlling) the muscles that you breathe with. With Smart yogi proprioceptive elements, you focus on feeling and controlling muscles in general. You destress, and you learn to feel your body at the same time.

If you are stuck at the office all day, or just too busy to hit the gym, Smart yogi proprioceptive elements are great because these exercises can be done anywhere you have room to stand. Some exercises are even designed to be done while sitting. Waiting for a latte, or waiting for a significant other to get ready, do some body basic exercises and your time isn't wasted.

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What you'll learn

Smart yogi proprioceptive elements includes the following groups of exercises:

Weight shifting and grounding

Ribcage awareness

Belly control

Hip Bone control

Basic spinal awareness

Shoulder Awareness

Shin, foot and knee awareness and control

Basic thigh control

Chair exercises

What's in the package

Smart yogi PE includes 164 videos, ranging in length from just under a minute to about 5 minutes.

Each video covers a single exercise. The exercises are sequentially organized with some exercises building upon previous exercises. The exercises are also easy to learn and remember, particularly if you work at learning the exercises a few at a time.

Rather than rushing through the exercises, take your time to learn them and in the process learn to feel your body. You can then do the exercises anywhere, which means that you can do them without having to rely on the videos.

How many exercises per day?

You can focus on between 1 to 3 exercises per day, practicing when you have the time.

Each exercise helps you to feel your body, and, once you can feel that body part, it's like learning to ride a bike, difficult to forget. That being said, you may find that some exercises you need to practice more than others.

Pick and choose the exercises you need the most

Once you've learned and practiced all of the exercises, you'll have a better feel for your body. You'll then be able to use that awareness in anything that you do. They can provide the framework for learning more advanced proprioceptive practices, or they can serve as a daily practice to help keep you tuned in to your body, and to help keep your body tuned.

Video format

Videos are in mp4 format and are downloadable (they can also be streamed using the gumroad app).

Whether on a Mac system or Windows, VLC Media Player is a very handy viewing app that allows you to create playlists so that you can seamlessly play all videos without having to operate any controls.

When making a purchase, remember your Gumroad login details (generally an email address and whatever your password is).

You can always download videos to different devices. You can also download updates when they become available.

30 Day Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with Smart yogi proprioceptive elements you have 30 days from the day of purchase to get a refund. To instigate a refund, use the email address located at the end of the included pdf.

Become a smart yogi

This series of videos won't make you a master of your own body, but they are designed to help get you on that path.

The muscle control and proprioception workshop exercises are designed to help you become smarter in your own body by learning to better feel it and control it.

This is something that you can carry into all aspects of your life.

Become More Present

A focus on feeling your body (and controlling it) is a simple way of becoming more present. Rather than doing lots of different poses, one after the other, to turn your thinking mind of, here you can focus on the creating sensations within your body (by turning muscles on and off) to help turn of incessant thinking.

You could think of this as a type of conscious movement because each action, each movement is clearly defined. As a result, you can focus on doing it.

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Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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Smart yogi proprioceptive elements

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