Frictional Muscle Control

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A simple technique that creates stability in your yoga poses is to use friction. With awareness directed in the right place, it's also a great way to help learn to feel your body.

This same technique can be used in a variety of ways to strengthen both the legs and the arms, and even the mid-section.

For example, frictioning the feet while standing is a great way to make the legs feel strong. Done with clear instructions on how to guide your awareness, it's also a great way to develop muscle control in general.

The Limits of Friction

While "Frictioning" is a great way to activate muscles and feel them activate, and also a very simple way of creating stability or movement, it doesn’t work if you only have one point of contact with the floor.

And so Frictional Muscle control includes techniques for activating muscle even when you only have one point of contact with the floor, such as when trying to balance on one leg.

What You'll Learn (and experience) in this set of videos

This set of videos takes you through a sequence of yoga poses. In each pose, you’ll use friction, or something else, to activate muscles and/or joints. You’ll learn to feel muscles and joints activating, create stability, and strengthen your legs, arms and midsection.

Rather than activating muscles in relative isolation, these techniques tend to activate muscles in such a way that they work together. So, these are great techniques for "integrating" your yoga poses.

Video Breakdown

  • The first video includes some seated poses with exercises that warm up your shoulders and arms.
  • The second video (in two parts) focuses on a sequence of standing poses that uses combinations of foot and hand friction.
  • The Chaturanga video teaches you how you can use these techniques when doing chaturanga (a yoga push-up). If you have weak arms and would like some simple progressions, or even options for working towards chaturanga, this video can help.
  • The splits video which shows you how you can apply these techniques when working towards both front splits and side splits.

One important idea you can learn from this workshop-like set of videos is how the same techniques can be used in different poses.

You’ll also learn how to feel the changes that go on inside your body when you change the way you interact with the earth.

How Much Time is Required

You can follow along with the videos or watch the videos and then do the exercises. Video times are as follows:

  • Warmup video (15m)
  • Main video (2 videos, ~50m total).
  • Chaturanga video (2 videos, ~49m total)
  • Splits video (32m).

Videos are 1280x720 MP4 format and can be streamed or downloaded.

30 day money back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied, contact me via gumroad (the platform which I use to sell the videos) and let me know you want a refund. So long as it is within 30 days of purchase, I'll give you your money back.

If you have questions about the material, need clarification or modifications, you can contact me so that I can better explain.

Are you guaranteed to get the splits after using the tips in this video?
No you aren't.
This particular technique works well for some, not so well for others.

So why would it be worth learning?

Overall I use a variety of techniques for splits and push ups. No single one of them is a magic bullet. However, all together they create more body awareness and greater all around strength, flexibility, awareness and control.

So the more techniques you learn, the easier it is to work towards splits. Think of this as one possible option that you can use from a variety of different options.

So why not include all options in one video?
Because if you focus on using this one technique in a variety of ways, you'll learn it well enough that you can use it at will at any time.

Rather than trying to learn a whole bunch of different things at once, it can be a lot more effective to focus on one or two simple actions, and in this case, repeat them in a variety of different poses.
That way you'll also be able to apply these same ideas in poses that aren't included in this video.
And the awareness that you develop practicing this one technique lends itself to making further techniques easier to learn.

I teach this technique (and many others) in my classes and as a result have refined my teaching technique so that the explanations are as easy to understand as possible, and the exercises themselves easy to understand. The effort comes in actually doing them.

That being said, there may be things that you don't understand and to that end, please do email me if you have any questions regarding the videos.

Get a Better Feel for Your body

With these videos, and all other videos and ebooks that I produce, the most important things is that they help you get a better feel for your body and how to use it. And to that end, once you get the basic actions in each exercise work at doing them slowly and smoothly while at the same time focusing on noticing what is happening.

To make that easier, you may find it helps to watch a section of video, memorize whatever actions I'm doing, or do them along with the video. Then try the actions without the video so that you can focus on feeling and controlling your own body rather than just doing the actions by rote.

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