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Yoga For Your Shoulders ebook

Learning the basics for better shoulder control and flexibility
Yoga for Beginners 1 ebook, Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

Yoga for your shoulders starts with simple neck and ribcage awareness exercises.

This is so that in the shoulder exercises that follow, your shoulder muscles (particularly the muscles that stabilize your scapular) have a stable foundation from which to work.

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Muscle Control for Your Neck

Basic neck exercises include stretches with muscle control options so that you can use experiment and use whichever feels the best (and this may change from day to day or week to week).

Improving Shoulder Blade Awareness

With neck and ribcage awareness take care of, the next step is developing awareness and control of the shoulder blades.

This is made simple by using simple reference points on the shoulders blades. These provide something to focus on while doing the exercises.

Basic scapular awareness and control includes learning to move the shoulder blades with the arms in a variety of different positions.

Rotator Control

The next focus is developing awareness and control of your shoulder rotator muscles. These are the muscles that move the upper arm relative to the shoulder blade. They can also be used to move the shoulder blade relative to the upper arm.

One option for these muscles is using them to stabilize the shoulder blade (relative to the upper arm).

Further exercises include learning how to make the arms feel long (and the reason for doing so).

The exercises are also designed to help you work towards balanced activation. Or you could think of this as tuned tension (in the same way that a stringed musical instrument is "tuned").

Learning to Feel Shoulder Stability in Weight Bearing Poses

From there you'll carry shoulder awareness and shoulder control into arm supported yoga poses including table top, reverse plank, dangle pose, cat pose, plank pose, downward dog, upward dog, chaturanga dandasana and wheel pose.

You'll also have the option of some basic exercises for preparing for inversions like headstand, handstand and forearm stand.

Gravity Assisted Shoulder Stretches

The final section in this ebook includes some relaxed, gravity assisted and wall assisted shoulder stretches. This complements some of the muscle assisted stretches found near the beginning of this book.

Three Formats

This book is available in three formats, pdf, epub and mobi (for kindle). You get access to all three formats with one single purchase.


The exercises are abundantly illustrated and include clear instructions. If you are in doubt about any of the exercises, you can always contact me for clarification.

One thing the book doesn't include is a clear cut workout routine.

Instead you are provided with poses and their counterposes, plus a clear set of instructions for feeling and controlling parts of your body related to your shoulders.

Pick a few exercises that you like, that balance each other, and practice those till you are ready to move on to something new.

Many of the exercises or tips on what to focus on can be used within an existing practice or even while you are taken part in a led class. And the awareness that you learn in these exercises can be applied in other exercises, even ones not included in this book.


This book is covered by the 30 Day happiness guarantee. Nope, not 30 days of happiness, just if you let me know within 30 days of purchase, you'll get your money back. And that should make you happy, or at the least, not stressed that you're taking a risk in buying this book.

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Published: 2019 08 17
Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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Yoga for Your Shoulders ebook

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