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Sensational Sun Salutation Balance Exercises

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When I first learned how to do sun salutations I found them great for warming up, but mentally they didn't feel calming or soothing. I had to make myself do them.

And I often found it difficult to breathe.

As a yoga teacher I learned how to make learning sun salutations and doing them feel good.

And part of that involved turning sun salutations into a series of rhythmic balance exercises.

It's the rhythm that not only helped to make sun salutations feel good, it also made breathing easier and helps me and my students get into the flow.

Make Sun Salutations Feel Good

With Sun Salutation Balance Exercises you can learn how to make sun salutations feel good. You'll want to do them.

And you can also learn ways to challenge yourself intelligently.

The Sun Salutation Balance Exercises PDF is filled with step by step photos so that you can see what you have to do. Step-by-step descriptions back the photos up, with extra explanation and options where required.

If you are a "serious" ashtangi then you might not like this product. However, if you like to experiment and bend the rules and do things differently, sun salution balance exercises is quite possibly for you.

And if you find that it isn't, let me know within 60 days (my email is included in the pdf) and I'll refund your money.

Sun Salutations for The Flexibility Impaired

Is this for you if you are tight and lacking in flexibility? Yes.

I actually developed these exercises in part to help flexibility, but also so that even people who are flexibility impaired can still enjoy the work of doing yoga.

And if you are super flexible, then you can still benefit because this work also develops strength and muscle control.

Skipping Chaturanga and Upward Facing Dog!

And if you can't do the full sun salutation, say you have to leave chaturanga and up dog out, that's fine. You can still use the remaining sun salutation movements to practice balancing.

If you are a teacher looking for ways to vary your routine or looking to give sun salutes a bit of extra flavor or even to vary the way you teach them, then sun salutation balance exercises can help.

I've also included an outline of sun salutation a and b so that you have a basic framework for understanding how these balance exercises all fit together.

Making Sun Salutations Easier to Learn

These balance exercises can help make it easier to learn sun salutations.

By repeating these exercises, they get built into your long term memory. And because they are shorter than the whole sun salutation they get burned into long term memory sooner.

The sun salutation proper then becomes the sum of these smaller parts which you already know.

Why Sun Salutations and Balance Poses?

Why sun salutations and balance poses?

When I first started yoga I learned Asthanga yoga... from a book. The nice thing about ashtanga is that it provided a fixed framework for learning yoga. Even if you don't carry on with it for the rest of your life, it can be a good way to get familiar with yoga poses and also a good way to start to get to know your body.

In a similiar way, sun salutations can also provide a framework for balance exercises. If you aren't sure in which order to do balance exercises or you can't decide, then the sun salutations can help make the decision for you.

Why Only Sun Salutes?

Why only sun salutations?

Well actually, I go a little bit beyond sun salutations. I also include a few standing yoga poses (and how to turn them into balance exercises) and some cool downs so that this can be a complete (and balanced) yoga practice in and of itself.

But I've focused on sun salutations so that you can focus on learning them well. Instead of being overwhelmed with the idea of learning lots, I've kept it focused so that you can focus on sun salutations. Once you've learned them comfortably, then you can move on.

Ashtanga Yoga is Too Difficult!

Isn't ashtanga for athletes and A type personalities?

It depends on how you teach it and do it.

As a teacher I've developed and modified sun salutation exercises to help people who are lacking in flexibility still move smoothly and mindfully and perhaps even gracefully.

Even if you are tight, these exercises can still help you to move smoothly and get into the flow.

What's the Flow?

Flow is a state where you don't do any thinking. Instead you become immersed in what you are doing. It's why a lot of people get into ashtanga and other "flow" styles of yoga. In the "State of Flow" time seems to stand still or it doesn't matter. All that matters is what you are doing.

And with Sun Salutation balance exercises, even if you can't breathe deeply, you can still flow because your movement becomes like your breath.

And what if you do have trouble with breathing?

Well some of these balance exercises are rhythmic. If you focus on doing them slowly and smoothly, you can fine tune the way you do the exercises so that they feel good. You are still working but the work feels good even if it does make you sweat. And if you find the right rhythm, not to fast, not to slow, you may find that your breathing slows down to match.

But even if it doesn't slow down, if you practice moving with awareness as per these sun salutation balance exercises you may find that you end up feeling calm and relaxed, anyway.

The Package

Sun Salutation Balance exercises is a pdf (or "ebook.")

It comes as a pdf file with step by step photos of all exercises along with written description.

Payment Processing

Paypal takes care of all the payment processing.

You can pay via credit card or you paypal account

Once you have paid, you'll taken to a download page.


You'll also get the same download link via email. If you are worried about being able to contact me, the download page also contains my email address or you can message me via the facebook page or via the contact page.

To get your PDF click on the download link and it'll be downloaded to your computer automatically. If the download fails, just click on the link again.

Once the file downloads (it'll be a zip file) click on it to unzip it. A folder will appear containing the sun salutation balance exercises pdf and two supplementary pdfs.

If you have any questions, or you aren't sure, you can always email me.

Making Sun Salutes Special

Now what's so special about my method of teaching sun salutations?

You might even find that you feel like you are flowing.


Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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