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dance of shiva ebook, Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

The Dance of Shiva

improve balance, coordination, concentration

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Published: 2017 06 05
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The Dance of Shiva is a practice that can help you to balance the left and right sides of your upper body.

If you habitually tend to use one arm or one side of your body because of the nature of your work or sport or other activity, dance of shiva can help you get used to using the other side of your body. It can help you balance both strength and flexibility. It can also help you improve coordination on both sides of the body.

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The Dance of Shiva

Imbalance isn't necessarily a bad thing but too much of it may lead to problems.

If you are already noticing the ill effects of too much unbalanced activity, dance of shiva may help you in returning to a more even keel.
It can also be used help prevent excessive imbalance in the first place.

A Mix of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Movements

Dance of shiva includes both symmetrical and asymmetrical movements. These movements balance help to balance both strength and flexibility in the wrists, forearms and shoulders.

Dance of Shiva can also be used to help bring balance to your lower limbs. To do this you practice with your weight centered over one foot.

Neurological Balance?

Because the movements are clearly defined and very close to the limits of most peoples range of movement, improving your ability to do the movements may create changes in the brain, particular in creating balance between the corresponding parts of the part of the brain that controls your muscles and between the corresponding parts that sense your muscles.

As with creating balance between the sides of the body, when working towards doing the positions and movements as defined, you can focus on particular parts of your body.

For example, you can try bending your ribcage and thoracic spine to make it easier to move the shoulders which then makes it easier to move your hands in a particular way.

Improving Mind Body Coordination.

The positions and movements of the dance of shiva are very clearly defined. They even have simple and easy to remember names. This makes it possible for you to see the positions or movements before you do them.

To make it even easier to "know" the positions or moves before you do them you can also say the name of the position you are moving into.

Practicing Efficiently

Because positions and movements are so clearly defined, it is also very easy to break series of dance of shiva movements into smaller series of movements.

This can be very important if you have a movement that you are having problems with.

You can practice the movement in relative isolation, then once it is improved sufficiently you can practice it in the context of other moves.

It's Easy To Teach Yourself

Another benefit of the clearly defined movements and positions of the dance of shiva is that it makes it very easy to teach yourself.

To that end, the very first step of the dance of shiva is learning the names of the basic positions and movements. There are only 8 positions for each arm and 7 movements between them. Once you've learned these, the dance of shiva is simply practicing the combinations of these movements and positions.

Dance of Shiva Can Make Other Things Easier To Learn Also

Another potential benefits of the Dance of Shiva is that not only is it easy to teach yourself the dance of shiva, doing it and understanding it can make it easier to teach yourself other things.

One of the key ideas to recognize in this regard is that all of the positions and movements are clearly defined. And they all relate to each other. And they were all created by breaking down two simple arm movements.

If you want to learn anything the simple trick is breaking down that something into clearly defined parts that you can practice and "re-assemble" inside of yourself.

You Can Practice Anywhere without Needing Anything

Another benefit of the dance of shiva is that you can practice it anywhere. And if you've memorized the 8 basic positions and 7 basic movements you have all the tools you need to create your own practices.

The Dance of Shiva is an Easy Way To Practice Flowing

The flow is a magical state of mind where time (and thinking) seems to stop.

To get into the flow while practicing, it helps if you practice little bits at a time.

Dance of shiva lends itself to flowing while practicing because because it is so easy to break "practices" into small chunks.

Practice a small enough set of movements that you can easily remember without having to think about what move is next.

Then practice another small set of movements. Each practice should be just long enough that after practicing two small sets you can easily join them together and practice them as a long set without having to think about what move comes next.

If you can't do that, then go back to practicing the small sets a little bit longer.

As you memorize more and more movements, you can work towards staying in the flow while practicing movement sets with more and more movements.

An important part of flowing is not worrying about making mistakes. Make the mistakes and keep on practicing.

Memory Work is Part of The Dance Of Shiva

To get the full benefit of the dance of shiva, you have to memorize the basic positions and movements.

And you could think of that as another benefit, it gets you used to memorizing and can be used to demonstrate that memorization isn't really that difficult.

Creativity is...

Yet another benefit of the dance of shiva is that it teaches you how to play within a set of limits (you could think of the positions and the movements between them as "limits") so that you can be free within them.

One way to define Creativity is that it is the ability to work freely within a set of limits.

Without limitation there is no creativity, unless you use creativity to first create the limits within which you want to play within. And that perhaps is the ultimate benefit of the dance of shiva. You learn about creating limits so that you can play within them.

The Ebook (all you really need)

The Dance of Shiva Ebook provides a look at all possible movement combinations.

The Videos (Designed to Make Learning Easy, and Priced To Inspire You to Do the Work)

The Dance of Shiva Video sets have been edited so that you can watch the movements (and do them) while at the same time see the movements displayed to the right of the screen.

Colored backgrounds are used to clearly indicate a new set of movements.

You can buy the videos separately or along with the Dance of Shiva ebooks.

Videos can be streamed or downloaded. Downloaded videos are in MP4 format. I'd suggest using VLC..

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Once you've ordered, you'll be able to download this book in pdf, epub or mobi format (you get access to all three formats for one price!) If you've ordered videos also, you'll be able to stream them or download them.

If you have any problems use the contact form to get in touch with me.

30 Day Guarantee

This book is covered by the 30 day happiness guarantee.
I can't guarantee 30 days of happiness, but I can guarantee that if within 30 days of purchase, you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back. And that should make you happy, or at the least, not stressed that you're taking a risk in buying this book.

Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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