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Balance Basics

Learning to Use Your Bodies Built In Sensors to Improve Balance

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Our bodies come included with built in sensors.

We can learn to use these sensors to help us"consciously" balance.

Balance Basics teaches you how.

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Improve Balance By Feeling Your Body

Balancing yoga poses and exercises can be challenging because very few of us are taught how to direct our awareness while balancing.

Balance Basics teaches you how to balance by feeling your body. It shows you how to access the information provided by your bodies built in sensors.

And it teaches you how to interpret that information so that you can respond appropriately.

That means being able to find the balance point in any posture and keep it.

Learn How to Respond to Shifts in Center

Balance Basics teaches you how to feel your body and control it so that any balance posture is easier, whether on your hands or your feet or your head.

Exercises are broken down into progressions with clear and simple instructions. Instead of wasting time figuring out exercises, you can get on with doing them.

You won't get all of the exercises straight away, and that is to be expected. But at least you know what you are trying to do and that makes it easier for you to practice effectively.

Learn How to Balance Intelligently

You may not be able to do a handstand straight away, but you'll understand what you need to do to stay balanced if you choose to work on it.

And meanwhile you can practice the principles of balance in other postures like balancing on one foot or even balancing on one knee.

Why would you do try balancing on one knee?

Core Concepts

While the exercises range from easy to difficult, at the heart of all of them is learning to feel your body and move it so that good balance is second nature in anything that you do.

Whether you are balancing on your head or on your hands or one foot or both, the same basic principles apply to them all.

Optional Extras

You also have the option of ordering "Balance Basics Foot Balance Videos".

This set of 12 videos (they are each only a few minutes long) each focuses on a single "foot balance" either on heels or forefeet or on one foot.

They include some basic weight shifting and using your feet to "feel" where your center is.

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Viewing the Videos and Ebooks

Once you've ordered, you'll be able to download this book in pdf, epub or mobi format (you get access to all three formats for one price!)

To download the ebooks or videos, go to the Gumroad Library

Here's the URL for the Gumroad library in plain text:

I'd recommend the VLC Media Player for viewing downloaded videos, whether using windows or mac.

Videos can be streamed or downloaded.

If you have any questions problems use the contact form to get in touch with me. My email is also included in the ebook.

Published: 2012 02 11
Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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