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Yoga Videos

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The following videos are all from my youtube page. I've grouped them according to relevance.

Yoga videos index

Yoga videos

courses in muscle control so that you can better feel, control and understand your joints, muscles and connectivet tissue structures.

The following three videos are a sort of intro to how I teach and do yoga. The first video focuses on learning how to create stability (and recognizing when part of your body is stable) in a variety of yoga poses.

Basic Stability and Hip Flexibility

The following two videos focus on the wide leg forward bend (seated) and pigeon pose, two hip stretches that could be used to complement each other.

Stability (or Grounding) Routine

Pigeon Pose Hip Stretch

Wide Leg Forward Bend

Foot Awareness and Stability

Balancing On One Foot

Foot Awareness For Flat Feet While Squatting

Foot Exercises For Flat Feet

Foot Stability (Stabilizing The Heels)

Foot Stretches

Shoulder Exercises

Scapular Stability Exercises

Headstand (and dolphin) Instructional Videos

Dolphin Pose

Can be used as a preparation for headstand.

Headstand Preparation

Stability in Headstand

Balancing in Heastand

Basic Yoga Pose Instruction

Triangle Yoga Pose

Wide Leg Forward Bend

Twisting Triangle

Warrior 1

Plank Pose

Side Plank


Upward Facing Dog

Wheel Pose

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Learn to feel and control your spine, improve posture, breath control, ribcage control, with a taste of controlling your hip bones. Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.