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  • Yoga Poses for
    Balance, Stability and Responsiveness

    Balance is one way to begin learning body awareness and control.

    Balance Index

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  • Latest on Balance

    Knee balance. This is one exercise that you can use to learn how to balance. Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses. Learning How to Balance

    Ideas for turning balance into a general skill along with two simple exercises for learning how to balance.

    Eka pada bakasana arm balance with one shin resting against the back of an arm, the other leg reaching back and up.

    Eka Pada Bakasana
    the transition from Marichyasana A

    One way to stay balanced is to create stability, particularly between your point of contact with the earth and your center of gravity.

    The more stable you are, the less you move, and so the easier it is to keep your center of gravity over your foundation.

    Another way to stay balanced is to focus on feeling how your center relates to your foundation.

    The sooner you feel this relationship changing the sooner you can make adjustments to counter that change.

    Part of Learning How to Balance is then learning how to move your center of gravity.

    The alphabetical index below includes pages related to balance poses and balance in general, stability and responsiveness.

    Balance Poses

    A Balance Poses

  • Astavakrasana Yoga Arm Balance
  • B Balance Poses

  • Balancing on One Foot
  • Balance Poses (feeling your center)
  • Balancing in Side Plank
  • Basic Balance Poses (11 of Them)
  • Bird Dog
  • C Balance Poses

  • Tips for Balancing in
    Balancing Cat Pose
  • Creating Tensegrity In Your Yoga Poses
  • How to Lift Your Feet (and Keep them Lifted) in Crow Pose
  • E Balance Poses

  • Exercises to Help You Wrap Your Legs in
    Eagle Yoga Pose
  • Eka Pada Bakasana
  • Eleven Basic Balance Poses
  • F Balance Poses

  • Feeling your Center of Gravity (and shifting it relative to your body)
  • Foot Exercises
  • G Balance Poses

  • Galavasana
    The Flying Pigeon Arm Balance
  • Grounding Your Yoga Pose
  • H Balance Poses

  • Can You Look Up (and Stay Balanced) in Half Moon Pose?
  • Handstands
  • L Shaped Handstand
  • Balancing In Handstand
  • Jumping Into Handstand
  • Kicking Up Into Handstand
  • Lifting Into Handstand
  • How To Do A Headstand
  • Lifting into Yoga Headstand w/ legs straight
  • Stabilizing your Headstand Yoga Pose
  • I Balance Poses

  • Improve Balance(Stabilize Your Foundation)
  • Yoga Poses to Improve Balance
  • Inverted Yoga Poses
  • L Balance Poses

  • Learning How To Balance
  • M Balance Poses

  • How to Get Your Feet off of The Floor In Mayurasana
  • Mountain Pose Learning To Be Still Internally and Externally
  • P Balance Poses

  • Balancing on Your Forearms in Pincha Mayurasana
  • Getting Your Hips Over Your Head in Plough Pose
  • S Balance Poses

  • Balance on Your Shoulders in Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)
  • Stability (Why you need it, how to create it)
  • Improve Your Proprioception with Various Standing Forward Bend Options
  • Using Standing Side Bend To Understand An Important Aspect of Balance
  • T Balance Poses

  • Tensegrity Basics
  • Making Tree Pose Big and Strong
  • Finding Balance in Tree Pose
  • W Balance Poses

  • Warrior 3 Step-by-Step Instructions For Improving Balance and Body Awareness