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  • Shoelace Yoga Pose Iliotibial Band Stretch

    shoelace yoga pose, hip stretch, glute stretch, iliotibial band stretch

    Shoelace yoga pose is a do it yourself iliotibial band stretch that is midly uncomfortable.

    The iliotibial band runs down the side of the thigh from the hip crest to the top of the outside of the tibia (just below the outside of the knee.)

    When adjusting yourself in this pose, move slowly and carefully. It can be easy to damage your knees. Move slowly so that you can stop yourself or adjust your movement before you cause any damage.

    Move Your Knees Towards Each Other

    While sitting, cross your legs and use your hands to help move your knees towards each other.

    You may have to sit on a stool or block the first few times you do this iliotibial band stretch.

    Ideally you move your knees close enough together that the top knee is directly above the bottom knee. Generally one side tends to be harder (or easier) than the other.

    Center Your Pelvis

    Once you have your knees together adjust the position of your pelvis so that it is directly behind your knees. Also adjust your pelvis so that it is square to the front, or at least as "square" as possible.

    Move Your Feet Forwards

    To increase the stretch (or change it), move your feet forwards.

    To increase the stretch further, press your knees down (if they aren't already down as far as they can go.) Widen your feet at the same time so that you have room to press your knees down.

    Bend Forwards

    To change the stretch, bend forwards.

    Andrey Lappa, when doing a similar pose, would always admonish the gentlemen in the class to be careful.

    An alternative name for this pose could be "nut cracker."

    Repeat with the other leg on top.