Balance Basics
A Simple Guide to Mastering Balance

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Our bodies come included with built in sensors.
We can learn to use these sensors to help us"consciously" balance.
Balance Basics teaches you how.

Improve Balance By Feeling Your Body

Balancing yoga poses and exercises can be challenging because very few of us are taught how to direct our awareness while balancing. While looking at one spot can help it is only part of the solution. As is imagining a plumb line.

Balance Basics teaches you how to balance by feeling your body. It shows you how to access the information provided by your bodies built in sensors. And it teachers you how to interpret that information so that you can respond appropriately. that means being able to find the balance point in any posture and keep it.

Learn How to Respond to Shifts in Center

Balance basics uses exercises to help you learn to feel your body and control it so that any balance posture is easier, whether on your hands or your feet or your head. And these exercises are broken down into simple progressions so that you can focus on doing them.

Learn How to Balance Intelligently

You may not be able to do a handstand straight away, but you'll understand what you need to do to stay balanced if you choose to work on it.

And meanwhile you can practice the principles of balance in other postures like balancing on one foot or even balancing on one knee.

Why would you do try balancing on one knee?

First just to see that you can, but also because it is fun.

And one other reason is that you can see how to balance even when you can't use your foundation to help.

Core Concepts

While the exercises range from easy to difficult, at the heart of all of them is learning to feel your body and move it so that good balance is second nature in anything that you do.

Whether you are balancing on your head or on your hands or one foot or both, the same basic principles apply to them all.

Here's a preview.

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"Neil was one of my first yoga teachers 15 years ago!
In this book he explains the core concepts that can give you the foundations of balance.
Even if you're been practicing for years some of his insights may help you to make that small adjustment that creates big changes!"
Rob Lucas,
Red Door Yoga, Shanghai
Was looking for a book that discussed arm balances and inversions for yoga. This book fits the bill nicely.
It is very well illustrated with photos and drawing.
The author makes solid, direct suggestions how to improve balance.
He also shows how to move the center of balance within the body and to incrementally move into inversions.
Highly recommended!
Dick Damian
San Francisco
This book explains in a simple yet concise way to move into or attempt many balance poses that are thought to be very difficult.
I've practiced yoga for about 10 years and haven't seen some of these methods for the balance poses covered.
I'd highly recommend this book to people learning and teachers as well.
Mindy Jones
Taos NM
"I found this book to be an excellent 5 star resource for mastering both inversions and balancing in them.
Not only that but the knowledgable author and obvious practitioner also helped me to find more balance in my revolving triangle by adjusting my foot positions.
With this books simple logical instruction I was able to put together and experience my inversions from yoga more thoroughly.
I was amazed to find myself applying myself more and more eventually showing a high level of mastery simply by applying the basic set up of handstand, scorpion pose, and feather of the peacock pose.
Thanks Neil! Great book.
Simple yet powerful if you put these instructions to use."
Rockne White, Senior Yoga teacher,
Penticton, BC, Canada
"Balance Basics is an excellent tool for yoga teachers and practitioners alike.
It provides a fresh look into many of the standard postures one might encounter in a yoga class, in addition to many interesting variations to play around with.
As a yoga teacher myself, I found the book to be a wealth of information and now think of the term "balance" in a totally new way.
A very informative read!"
Sean Gale
Yoga Teacher, Space Yoga, Taipei

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