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I'm usually pretty good at arranging things whenever I move homes. If a room doesn't feel right then I'll rearrange things until it does feel right.

And that's what learning a new yoga pose can be like. In a yoga pose the equivalent of furniture or books on a shelf are the bones and how they relate to each other. By shifting relationships slowly and mindfully we can find an arrangement that feels good.

Then every time we do the pose

afterwards we can enjoy it while making small adjustments so that energy can freely flow.

Two of the primary things that I work on balancing are tension and space, both in my own yoga poses and those of people I am adjusting. These are the two opposites that we can work at feeling and adjusting so that the end result is yoga, a pose that we are present in now.

Get Your Balance Here

Balance, is one of my favorite topics. I've even written a book on balance basics.

Using Strength Intelligently

My current approach to strength is minimal muscular effort. This lazy approach requires awareness and directed effort.

Sensational Yoga Anatomy

Yoga anatomy you can learn to feel and control.

Heres a look at developing Muscle control and here's a look at the Bandhas

Functional Anatomic Tensegrity

Tensegrity is the state where space and tension are balanced. Tensegrity gives greater sensitivity and control with minimal effort.

Increase Body Awareness

Learning to feel your body is like learning the alphabet. Body Awareness has a very big alphabet but learning it bit-by-bit gives you the building blocks for "spelling" any movement or action.

Meridian Yoga

Meridian yoga uses the meridians as a guide for strengthening and stretching the body.

Dance of Shiva

Dance of Shiva is tool for practicing cognitive flexibility, the skill of learning, and getting into the flow.


Ashtanga Yoga is great for people who want a set sequence of yoga poses. Sun Salutations are used for warming up.

Contact Me?

I'm Neil Keleher.

Although I have no section devoted to it I should say here that one of my most important influences in the yoga world is Andrey Lappa and his Universal Freestyle yoga.

More than anything he gave me a context for learning to be free both within my yoga practice and within life itself.

Questions, comments, just want to say hi? Use the contact form or the sensational yoga poses facebook page.

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What's New?

Crow Pose

Some simple exercises to help you prepare for and balance in crow pose and some suggestions for advanced movements like jumping from bakasana into chaturanga dandasana.

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Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture can result from computer work, stress, or poor body awareness. Here's some simple exercises to help feel your way into better posture.

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Bridge Yoga Pose

In Bridge yoga pose increase the back bend of the hips and lumbar spine by moving the sacrum. Rather than saying which position is better the idea is to experiment and notice how both positions feel. And you may find the action of moving back and forwards between both positions helps you to get deeper into the backbend.

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Yoga Lotus

Work towards yoga lotus one leg at a time with exercises for closing the knee, stretching the hip rotators, practicing external rotation of the shin and activating and shaping the foot and ankle.

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SI Joint Exercises

Basic movements of the sacroiliac joint are nutation (or nodding forwards) and counter nutation. Practice with these simple si joint exercises.

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Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

A variety of hamstring strengthening exercises while belly up, belly down and standing.

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Shoulder Flexibility Stretches

Shoulder flexibility stretches with scapular awareness. In these shoulder stretches first focus on positioning the scapula and then on stretching the shoulder.

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Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibilty is the ability to recognize a change in rules and act on those changes. It is also the ability to redefine rules as required. Dance of Shiva is one way of practicing and improving mental flexibility.

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Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga for flexibility with stretches for the hips, quads, hamstrings, glutes, psoas, shoulders and arms. These yoga stretches are designed to improve flexiblity.

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Hamstring Stretches

A selection of standing and seated hamstring stretches, both gravity assisted and muscle assisted for improving hamstring flexibility. Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

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Active Hip Flexion For Hamstring Stretching

Here's the latest set of exercises that I use for stretching the hamstrings.

The exercises are designed to teach active hip flexion using a variation of boat pose.

Then the same action is (ideally) duplicated in seated forward bend.

This set of exercises is part of the introduction to the Hip Control Guide.

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The Splits

In this latest video I show you a couple of techniques that I use to get into the front-to-back splits. Note that this is both a hip flexor/psoas stretch as well as a hamstring (and hip extensor) stretch.

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Ashtanga Jump Backs

Simple shoulder awareness exercises for landing lightly doing Ashtanga jump backs. Learn how to keep your shoulders ahead of your wrists when moving back into plank or chaturanga dandasana.

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Headstand Video: Getting Your Feet Off Of the Floor

Having trouble getting your feet off of the floor in headstand. This is a short video (3 mins) which shows a simple method for learning to lift your feet.

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Calf Stretching

Got tight calves? Here are a couple of suggestions for stretching them. One uses downward facing dog. The other the gym.

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Yoga Shoulder Stretches

Yoga shoulder stretches include reverse prayer, eagle arms, dwikonasana (prasaritta padotanasana c), yoga cow face arm position and downward facing dog.

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Elbow Joint

Learning to stabilize the elbow joint with triceps medial and lateral head, as well as anconeus. Learn how to control forearm rotation with supinators and pronator muscles. You just might affect your shoulders in yoga poses like down dog and handstand.

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17 Ways To Make Sure You're Stretching The Right Way

I like being flexible and it's taken me a long time to get flexible.

I'm still working on improving it.

From someone who's spent a lot of time stretching (and teaching others to stretch) here are some of the do's and don'ts I'd recommend.

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Adductor Stretches

Adductor stretches stretch the muscles of the inner thigh and include bound angle pose, hurdlers stretch or frog pose, wide leg seated forward bend, prone big toe pose, half side split pose, side to side splits or box splits.

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Hip Stretches

Hip stretches for stretching the hip extensors as well as the glutes and piriformis.

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