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  • Seated Yoga Poses Index

    This seated yoga pose index includes:

    i Cross Legged Poses

    The first part includes cross legged seated and modified bharavjasana seated positions.

    In the modified bharadvajasana sitting position one leg is in hero pose position the other leg is in a seated version of tree pose position. These poses contain for the most part twists, side bends and forwards bends. This set also links to a spine straightening and spine relaxing breathing method called easy breathing.

    i Seated Tree Position Poses

    In the above part of the seated yoga pose index one foot is in the seated tree pose position and the other leg is either straight or bent.

    This set includes hamstring stretches, side bends, twists and hip stretches in the shape of pigeon pose variations.

    i Lotus And Lotus Preps

    The above section of the seated yoga poses index could be thought of as the "lotus pose section" even though it contains some non-lotus yoga poses like janu sirsasana b and c as well as some hip stretches.

    The first two stretches work a bit on deepening the external rotation ability of the hip while the third one, janu sirsasana b stretches both the front of the knee and the front of the ankle. And so these could be considered preparations for the lotus type poses that follow.

    i Non-lotus Marichy and Hero and Half Split

    In the above section of seated yoga poses I've included Marichy poses where the non-Marichy foot isn't in lotus. (It is either straight or in hero position.)

    Since the hero foot position is similiar to marichyasana, except that the knee is on the floor, I've also included yoga poses where one leg is in the hero foot position.

    I've also included the half split.

    i Seated Yoga Poses with Symmetrical Leg Positions

    In the above section of the seated yoga poses index the legs are symmetrically positioned. However in some of these positions the arms or upper body may be asymmetrical, hence the inclusion of one side bending yoga pose.

    For the most part these poses are forward bending poses and back bends. Also included are some ab exercising yoga poses and some muscle assisted as well as gravity assisted shoulder stretches.

    i Supine Yoga Poses and Poses that Use a Wall

    In the above section of the seated yoga pose index I've grouped "supine" or "laying on your back" yoga poses together with supine yoga poses using a wall to support the legs.

    There are other ways to use a wall to help support your yoga pose but this section is limited to those where you are on your back (or on your shoulders) in front of a wall.