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    2014 Apr 17
    Creating Possibility

    The goal of the dance of shiva is to learn how to connect each position to every other position.

    We connect positions using movements. Since there are 64 positions, there are 64x64 individual movements in all. (This includes the option where the arms do a zero move.)

    By gradually learning all of the movements, we maximize possibility in the Dance of Shiva.

    Options versus Habits

    If we only know and practice one type of move, then what we have is a habit.

    However, as we learn more and more moves, and can move freely from one position to any other position, we no longer have a habit, instead we have options. We can choose where we move to from each position.

    Another way to think of movements is as patterns.

    By practicing dance of shiva you may find that you notice your habitual patterns. If you notice them you can then work at changing them. You can work at breaking your habits, or if you like, you can look at giving yourself pattern options so that you can choose whether you smoke in reaction to stress or doing something completely different.

    (Maybe you do Dance of Shiva instead. You can practice it in as much time it takes to smoke a cigarette.)

    Creativity Comes from Knowing the Possibilities (Or Creating Them)

    Looked at in another way it is a way of practicing creativity.

    In this instance creativity is knowing what the possibilities are and choosing from among them.

    Advanced creativity can come from creating possibilities and then choosing from them.

    Create Possibility by (Re)Defining Limits

    How do you create possibility?

    By defining new sets of limits.

    That is all the dance of shiva is, a clearly defined set of limits; A clearly defined, interconnected set of positions and movement patterns.

    By practicing dance of shiva we practice recognizing limits. As a result we can get better at recognzing limits. We can also get better at defining or redefining limits as we require.