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    Stretches are grouped on this page in the following categoties: Hip Flexor stretches, Quad Stretches, Hamstring Stretches, Hip Extensor Stretches, Glutes Stretches, Inner Thigh Stretches, Arm/Shoulder Stretches

    General Tips for Yoga Stretches

    Move Smoothly

    Whether contracting and relaxing to stretch or contracting while stretching, and then relaxing, focus on contracting and releasing slowly and smoothly. You'll improve muscle control and also reduce the risk of injury, particularly when you are stretching near your limits. (If you've ever laughed while stretching, you know what a "sudden" contraction can feel like.)

    Create a Stable Foundation

    Whether using relaxed or resisted stretching, creating a stable foundation helps to support the body. It also may make the muscle being stretched feel safe so it's able to relax and be stretched or so it's easier to do a controlled contraction.

    Focus on What you are Doing

    While stretching, focus on the part that you are stretching and the parts of the body that support the part that you are stretching. The more mindful you are the easier it will be for you to notice if you are holding unnecessary tension. You can then work to release that tension.

    Control Your Body

    Stretching, or learning to do yoga stretches is as much about control as learning to do strength poses or regular yoga poses. If you are doing relaxed stretching then you have to relax the muscle that you are stretching. That takes control. Likewise, if you are doing resisted or active stretching that too takes control. The better you can control your body the easier you'll be able to stretch it. But if you haven't got control then yoga stretches are a chance for you to practice gaining it.

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