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    Poses are grouped in the following categories on this page: Kneeling, Prone, Belly Down (But Not Lieing Down), Inversions, Standing Symmetrical Poses, Standing Asymmetrical Poses, Balancing on One Foot, Arm Balances, Seated Cross Legged, Seated Symmetrical Poses, Seated "Tree" Variations, Seated Lotus Variations, Marichyasana..., Supine/Wall

    Kneeling and Quad Stretching Yoga Poses Index

    Prone Yoga Poses Index

    Belly Down Yoga Poses Index

    Inverted, Semi-inverted and Other Balancing Poses Index

    Symmetric Standing Postures Index

    Asymmetric Standing Poses Index

    Balancing on One Foot Yoga Poses Index

    Arm Balancing Yoga Pose Index

    Cross Legged Poses

    Symmetric Floor Based Poses Index

    Seated Tree and Pigeon Pose Variations Index

    Lotus (and Prep) Yoga Pose Index

    Non-lotus Marichy and More Kneeling Pose Variations

    Supine Yoga Poses and Poses that Use a Wall Index