How Do You Learn to Corner
with Confidence?

yoga for motorcyclists ebook

What if a large part of motorcycling isn't just learning to control your bike.
What if it's about also feeling and controlling your body.

Most motorcycle riding courses teach you how to control your bike. And they do that well. But one part that is often missing is learning better control of your body. What type of course do you attend to learn that?

Yoga for Motorcyclists is a set of exercises designed to help you better feel and control your body.

Motorcycling is after all a "feeling" or "sensing" sport. If you aren't aware of your bike and the road around you, you aren't going to be riding for very long. The exercises in this book also focus on feeling. By learning to feel your body you'll have to think about it less in order to control it. Instead you can respond.

I've been a motorcycle rider for about 16 years. And I've been a yoga teacher for about the same length of time. I started of as a very uncoordinated individual. I was very clumsy. And so as a teacher and a motorcycle rider I worked on exercises to help both myself and my students learn better body awareness and better control.

Of course controlling the bike is important, but if you can control your body, then controlling the bike becomes that much easier.

Yoga for Motorcyclists is a set of exercises inspired by yoga and Tai Ji.
These exercises are designed to help you better feel and control your body
so that you can better feel and control your relationship with your bike.

You'll then be able to control your body and your bike with less effort.
And it'll help you become a smarter biker because you'll know how to feel your center and control it.

Riding is a constantly evolving skill and it helps to be able to analyze what you've done.
In Yoga for Bikers the focus isn't just on controlling your body, but also feeling it. And that is what gives you the ability to analyze what you have done so that you can constantly get better and Motorcycle Riding.

What do You Get?

With Yoga for Motorcyclists, you'll learn how to use your points of contact with the bike to feel it your body position.
You'll learn how to shift your center so that you can control the bike with greater ease.

With the information and exercises in this book you'll be gain more confidence in the corners because you'll know what you are trying to do and how to go about doing it.

My name is Neil Keleher.

I've been a yoga teacher for the last 16 years and I've ridden motorcycles for about the same length of time. I'm not a racer, I've been on some track courses, but I've learned the most from riding and from feeling my body both on and off the bike. The exercises in this book are simple body awareness exercises.
Think of them as driving lessons for your body. The better you can feel and control your body, the easier it is to use it to feel and control your bike.

The book includes detailed instructions for all exercises as well as illustrations and Motorcycle Riding notes to explain how the exercises can relate to motorcycle riding.

The exercises are designed to be simple so that you can get on with doing them. The key in all exercises is to move slowly. And to move smoothly. And if you have questions about the book, I've included my email address in the book.

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Want a sample?
Click here to download a sample PDF which includes some basic spinal awareness exercises.

I often begin classes with these exercises to help my students tune into
"feeling their body".
That makes it easier to notice what is happening in the exercises that follow.

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