The Dance of Shiva
Think Creatively, Improve Coordination, Get Into the Flow

The dance of shiva, A practice for Creative Thinking and Getting into the flow, available in Mobi or PDF formats.

Dance of Shiva can be used as part of a warm up for your yoga practice or for tai ji.

Some students I have tought have said it makes it easier for them to concentrate.

Another student said that it seems to make learning complex systems easier.

The dance of shiva is itself a complex system of movements that you learn by focusing on one movement at a time.

While the movements are simple, they aren't necessarily easy. Most of the positions are at the limits of natural movement and so if you are a little bit inflexible, the movements can be used to improve arm and shoulder flexibility and control.

The positions use both arms at the same time. However each arm has the same 8 basic positions.

Once you've learned the basic positions and movements, Dance of Shiva involves practicing different combinations of these movements. And that's where it can help creativity.

As for getting into the flow, that comes from learning the moves to the point that you don't have to think about what you are doing. Instead you focus on noticing what you are doing.


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